The Bored Thread

Yep. Anyone want to join the craziest battle you'll ever see?

The last one ended before the timetraveler kirby could get back, dressed like a terminator.

So, volunteers?
me! CAn we have special charas too?
Meh. So long as it's a navi, you can have anything. Even up to level 5 sigs, and every ATTACKING chip in the list.
I.E. No barriers/Invis/Recov ___ chips
Then I choose.............aww whatever I'm just gonna use Kobo with all the sutff I have planned
Okay. I'll wait a bit before starting, in case anyone else wants in.
me too
Okay then. Two will be the starting number. Have your navis, or the ones you'll be screwing around with, make a post quickly and I'll send the unorthodox enemies.
((Damn, missed it. I want in at some point. I call third, if needed.))
Meh. It's just to screw around. Go ahead and join.
Yay. So I can have anything? Sweet.

Virtue time to kick the crazy to the curb.
I don't know what you mean by that, but put a jack in post.

You guys too, RS + CD.
((Sorry PA))

Kobo enters the scene with no flashy lights or anything. He coughs a bit before 3 cakes appear. He sits down and begins to eat one...whole. and then the same with the others. he coughs them up whole again and he keeps going on and on with it.
Riptide walked forward, his body wet and cold. He had obviously been in some water. He wore a tight red and black wet suit, with a orange breathing apparatus. He moved it away from his mouth and he spoke.

"Riptide, giving you the wet and wild."
((You shall now LOL at my navi!))

Red Riding Hood.exe crashed down onto the system in a red burst of light.
"So... What're we doing again Shin?" Red asked her operator while licking a lolipop.
"Ummm... I really don't know." Shin replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "All I know is that there's some kind of event going on."
"Okay!" Red responded cheerfully, skipping around and licking her lolipop.
He coughs up teh cake again, and holds two up for the others (no, they are not drenched in saliva, they are completely whole in every way) "cake?"
"Like hell, even Riptide has limits. And barfed up cake is a limit." Riptide then began to rub his stomach, he was pushing out any krinkles in his wetsuit. "Allen get me something here."
"No thanks! I already have my lolipop!" Red replied cheerfully to Kobo. "I'm Red Riding Hood.exe! But you can call me Red." she continued, just as enthusiastically.
"Well, if only the chick wasn't a wimp. How do you fight?" Riptide then began to make a ball of water form in his hand. He was about to show what he could do with his skills. "I work best in water, so just cover me."
"Oh... You'll see. " Red said to Riptide with a wink, then began humming a song while licking her lolipop.