Grillio Netopia!

"Oh ho! That's pretty manly, hunting the meat you eat," Fold applauded her table, giving a miniature clap that was tellingly drunk, due to the slightly off-kilter rhythm. Apparently, the chef appreciated it even more than she did, as he was willing to serve them for half off. Perhaps that explained the extra cash they had available to tip the bartender, so to speak. In fact, ChefMan8 was such good buddies with him the gang that he was prepared to join them for a meal and a drink. "Well, I guess I'll need to be extraaa careful with my boss's drink, snrk," she giggled, just as far in the cup as Hurricane at this point.

Strip Draw for Fold
Ten of Spades
Jack of Diamonds
Eight of Hearts
Ace of Spades
Queen of Diamonds

0 points awarded

The introduction of ChefMan8's blue plate special seemed to trigger something in Fold, a sort of feeling as though she was forgetting something, but it was something easy to shrug off for now. Without a worry, she began pouring drinks happily into each cup, starting with Hurricane's, then Launcher's, then Fletch's... only to see the last drop trickle into that cup, before she'd reached ChefMan's or her own. She gave her boss a big "whoopsie" smile, then turned and stuck her butt up in the air, digging out another bottle of sake. "Third bottle's the charm!" she informed them all with a wink, as if the previous bottles had been duds, before uncorking it and pouring with a grin. She gave the chef an extra generous portion, then herself another normal-sized one. "Bon appa-down the hatch," she encouraged them, before raising her cup to click with the others.

Fold watched the others, presumably beginning to carve into their meat, for a moment, then turned her attention back to Ante as the princess rooted beneath a table for a cup.


Strip Draw for Ante
Nine of Hearts
Seven of Diamonds --> Swap One! --> Ten of Diamonds
Jack of Diamonds ---> Swap Two! --> Four of Hearts
Nine of Spades
Two of Diamonds

ONE PAIR, 5 points awarded

Blouse holds

5 points remain

Ante held her tongue as best she could; every sense of her person told her she needed to correct the man's behavior and point out that he had to choose between either compromising with his girlfriend or finding a new girlfriend who appreciated his patronage of bars with lewd programs on TV and scantily clad waitresses. Her inner voice heckled her. "Are you going to patronize him from atop your pedestal? Should we talk about the questionable decisions you made in the past?" the voice complained, which Ante found so unhelpful that she tried to tone it out altogether.

She was slightly miffed at the other customer's suggestion that her wet clothes "weren't shabby," which she took as teasing. "I'd prefer not to wear them," she spoke misleadingly, "but it's my uniform for the evening." To her surprise, the group was already prepared to take their check. Ante's mood brightened a bit at the chance to return to normal waitressing activities (and also to get a pair of satisfied customers out the door, lightening everyone's load a bit). "Of course, good sirs. I will return post haste with the check-" she started, before Glit made another request beyond the check.

The no-longer cat-eared waitress raised her eyebrows, her face reddening a bit in response. "Oh, ahem... I am afraid I'm... quite soaked. I wouldn't want you to get you wet as well," she gave a lame excuse, wringing her hands and failing to approach. As for her e-mail, she wasn't sure what to say to that; she wasn't up on what a guy and a girl might do exchanging e-mail addresses, beyond just standard communication, but seeing as it came after an impromptu hug, she had some guesses. At this time, the only thing she could think to do was look to Dare, to see how her friend was dealing with her patron. Perhaps that would give her some ideas what she ought to be doing in response to Glit's advances?
Dare gave HidaMan a half-cocked smile as she left. Truth be told, she was pretty surprised at the revelation, but that kind of caught-unawares reaction was one she preferred to keep hidden for the sake of her image. ”That’s probably a good tip. Now that I think about it, the ad was looking for as few as two women, right? If one was working the bar, the other could probably waitress the floor… Honestly, it’s not that much effort… Even the chef seems to have some extra time on his hands,” she thought to herself, noting ChefMan8 attending to the deliveries at the bar personally. ”With that in mind, I bet the main qualification for the waitressing staff is actually the looks. And sure enough, I get the feeling all eyes are on us at the moment…”

By the time she’d made her way over to the still-unnamed BullyMan and worked her charm, she had a few ideas of what he might be thinking of in mind as an unexpected hand urged her forward. Dare couldn’t help but jump slightly, reminded of how eventful things had gotten the last time she’d encountered such a thing, but she buried that with a toss of her hair.

There were a couple of problems with taking the boss up on his offer. Though she wasn’t too busy, there were, at least, two tables: if she let herself get boxed in and focused on attending to one customer, she wouldn’t be able to serve efficiently or give the other table much attention at all. HidaMan had seemed like he was also “going with the flow,” but he’d also implied he had a certain expectation of being entertained. As such, it would be better if there was a sort of floor show she could offer, rather than being confined to the booth.

Dare glanced back at Ante, seeing her watching her. It only took Dare a moment to jump to a conclusion from this, giving Ante a smirk back before turning back to the dog headed man and leaning in a bit closer than she ever had to any animal-faced Navi. “Actually, Boss… I have an idea for a show that ought to be a lot of fun for you and everyone else. In order to get to that point, though… I’d need you to order a drink. Not for me, though I’d appreciate the gesture if you want to throw one in! It’s just, it’d be important we get a drink to that pretty little lady over there,” she clarified, pointing one of her fingers discretely back towards Ante. “Trust me, a little liquid courage, and she’s like a miracle worker to get any party started. How about it? Do that, and I think you’ll be able to have both of us eating out of the palm of your hand, if that’s what you want… Up to you.”

She had to admit she was banking pretty heavily on her customer having enough money to throw around to buy drinks for the staff. She assumed that practice wasn’t frowned upon, seeing as it was pretty clear Fold was going at the bottle hard before the Chef’s very eyes. If he didn’t take her up, she’d just have to see how she could adjust.
Grillo Mod

Fold Section

ChefMan8 eyed the support program as she bent down to grab another bottle. He was unsure of the extent, but could read that his bartender had indeed been drinking. “You guys, always come in here and try to get my staff drunk. I see today isn’t any different.”

“Haha, not just your staff boss. Time to drink up!” Hurricane belched, rasing his cup to toast with the others. Everyone downed a normal sized shot except for the chef, who shook his head vigorously to shake off the strong taste.

“Hell yea, pour me another!” The chef shouted. It would seem it didn’t take much to get him going, or in the drinking mood for that matter.

The three gentleman at the bar didn’t hesitate to pass their cups forward on that note, as well as ripping into their dinner. They were some hungry guest, because in just moments all the food was gone, and the plates licked clean. “Man, as always that was really good.” Launched applauded ChefMan8 on his good cooking.

“No doubt.” Fletch agreed.

“Yea yea, the food is always great, but Miss Fold... when is this pretty princess gonna come join us. Bring her over here and let me get her a drink.” His voice was respectful, but he slapped the bar in an impatient manner.

“You at it again, Hurricane!?” ChefMan responded. “Whatcha trying to do here?” He just chuckled and prepared to down another drink once Fold poured everyone up again.

Hurricane: 3nd Bottle of Sake, 9/12 cups remaining, Empty cup of sake.
Launcher: Empty cup of sake.
Fletch: Empty cup of sake.
Fold: Empty cup of sake.
ChefMan8: Empty double cup of sake.

Ante Section

Ante seemed a little stand-offish when Glit made his request. He sensed her hesitation and scowled. “All you had to do was say no. You need to loosen up a little, this is a fun spot, but you...”

“Don’t jump the gun.” Nomu cut his partner off. “You don’t know what she was gonna respond with. You’re always talking bout fun, don’t ruin someone else’s. I’m sorry, but again, we will take our checks whenever you’re ready. Before Glit here embarrasses himself anymore.” He laughed it off, and hoped she would oblige.

Wasn’t much going on at the table that was only one guy now. He just dipped on his drink, trying to take his mind off of the hostile situation at hand.

Glit: 2nd Ale - Empty, finished eatin
Nomo: 2nd Ale - Empty, finished eating.

Male Navi:2nd DarkNight - Half full
Female Navi: CandyLyte - Empty, She has left the building.

Dare section

HidaMan would be fine for now as Dare chose to turn her attention to the party in the corner. Face to face with BullyMan she fed him a line intending to stir up some form of entertainment. He sat quite for a moment, with a cold gaze that met her eyes directly. With a short pull on the cigar, followed by another poofy cloud of smoke sent towards the waitress he answered, “Fine, I’ll take you up on that offer. Order yourself, and your friend whatever it is ya want, and let the show begin,”.

BullyMan leaned back, put the half finished cigar out but smushing the end out in a ash tray that sat in the center of the table. He completely downed one if his ales, then turned to Suit, who had only taken a small sip out of his newest beverage. “Yo, you need to loosen up a little and relax.” He paused, then spoke out to the waitress once more. “Miss Dare, go ahead and bring me four more ales when you return. Two for me, and two for Suit here. We finna teach this man how to have a good time tonight.”

Suit’s manner didn’t change very much, it was still hard to read whether it was fear or just outright shyness, but he managed to stutter a response, “Tha... tha.. thank you.”

Suit: DarkNight(Double) 3/4 Full
BullyMan Navi: 1 Ale Empty, 1 Ale Full, 4 Ales on order.
Purple HeelNavi: Puffy-A Water
Black HeelNavi: Puffy-A Water
Spikey A: Puffy-A Water Full
Spikey B: Puffy-A Water Full

HidaMan: Puffy-A Water - Half Full
"So I'm not the first fun bartender you guys have bought a drink for? You're gonna break my heart!" Fold giggled, smiling first at the good ol' boys, then at ChefMan8, seeming now encouraged that it didn't really matter how drunk off her ass she became. Ante probably would have been repulsed by the burping if she'd been here, but for Fold, it was a good old time... though, it would be a mark off against her encouraging Ante to see the guy. What was nice in a companion for her wasn't necessary nice in terms of a suitor for the princess, after all. "Let's all have another," she repeated in a lackadaisical voice, before pouring drinks into each of their cups once more. She was quite experienced at drink mixing and pouring, but she was also inherently clumsy and drunk as all get out, so she hoped no one would mind the little bit she was spilling over the side of her own cup.

Although the dinner sure wasn't lasting long, it was around at least long enough to interfere with Fold's systems a bit...

Strip Draw for Fold
Seven of Spades
Three of Diamonds --> Draw One! --> Five of Clubs
Ten of Spades
Ace of Spades
Jack of Hearts --> Draw Two! --> Three of Hearts


Queen of Hearts
King of Diamonds
Six of Clubs
Six of Hearts
Queen of Spades

Two pair! 15 points awared.

Hairband off!
10 points remaining!
Choker off!
5 points remaining!
Apron off!
0 points remaining!
Shoes hold. Blouse, skirt, both shoes remain.

Standing behind the counter, Fold was reduced to a similar status as Ante in a split second, with her hairband, choker, and apron all forming black poker chips and clattering to the floor. One of them landed in her own cup; she plucked it out and set it onto the counter, looking as though she didn't feel inconvenienced. Ante had hidden the exact nature of her changes pretty well, but it would be hard for the chef or patrons to ignore when it was happening right there in front of them. "Don't mind me! I'm just... Ever so slightly tipsy," she hiccuped, as if that were the issue and not her apparent decision to shed her accessories and apron.

The others announced that they wanted Ante to join in too. "The princess has commishments," she mispoke, the narrowed her eyes and corrected herself. As the princess' protector, she probably ought to ignore the request and not get Ante mixed up with a drunk crowd. Unfortunately, for now, her senses as a protector had mostly all taken leave of her. She just figured that if she was having fun, Ante ought to as well. "Commitments." She smiled again, then nodded her head. "But if her commishments are done then she can join us! Hey Princess! Are your commishments all finished up?!" she called across the room; one might say cat-called, if she was still wearing the ears and apron.


Strip Draw for Ante
Three of Clubs
Two of Hearts --> Draw One! --> Eight of Diamonds
Ace of Hearts
Ten of Spades --> Draw Two! --> Jack of Hearts
Ace of Diamonds

One pair! 5 points awarded!
Blouse holds. Blouse, skirt, left stocking and right shoe remain.

Ante was fortunate to find that she was not subject to another wardrobe upheaval, but her attempt to both avoid hugging a customer and also avoid wetting said customer were not well received. Part of her mind was just as standoffish as the man had interpreted. "A nice place, sure... for the men who come in here! Miss Fold is having a grand old time, but I've been splashed by my customers and the others are... teasing me. And as for Miss Dare," she thought to herself, though at second glance, she wasn't sure if the dog-headed man was leading her on or the other way around. Thankfully, one of her customers was willing to work with her, and she smiled gratefully. The waitress nodded and gave a slight curtsy, before heading to retrieve the check.

Unfortunately, she was being pulled in two different directions by the time she got back: one, that Fold wanted her to come join the three, and two, that Dare was asking her to order a drink. "Oh, Miss Dare, I hardly think I should-" she started to answer, but then remembered how poorly it had gone the last time she'd refused someone's insistence that she loosen up. "... Just order me whatever you think would be appropriate," she sighed, before turning back to the group at the bar. "Mister ChefMan, sir, I need the check to bring to those gentlemen over there," she encouraged him. Whatever Fold wanted, she decided it'd have to wait All of them were going to have a harder time if they didn't clear out customers who were ready to leave, she figured.

"Aaaah, come on! Have a drink first! These guys want you to drink with 'em, and they're buying! Free drinks!" Fold encouraged her.

"M-Miss Fold, I am already being purchased a drink! Dare was just about to order me something on the tab of that gentleman over there. I don't need two drinks," Ante scoffed.

"Forgive me, Princess. You know I only want you to have fun! But a tight ass like yours might need two drinks," the servant snickered. Ante's face showed that she was, indeed, offended. Oddly, the voice inside her head, which she'd half expected to laugh at her along with Fold, was staying quiet for now. "Come on, trust me! You'll feel better if you drink your way through tonight. I know I feel pretty good right now!"

Ante lowered her eyebrows and sighed more deeply. "Fine, I'll drink whatever you're making, but please, allow me to deliver the check first," she bargained. Finally, Fold yielded, allowing Ante to retrieve the check, then hurriedly take it to her customers.

In the mean time, Fold gave a smirk to Dare, then slapped both hands on the counter. "Well, Miss Dare, what will you and the Princess be having? I've got one sake coming up for her! You wanna add to that?" she giggled. Dare probably hadn't been planning on making Ante pound back two drinks back to back, but Fold's mind was apparently stuck on that eventuality.
Dare continued to meet BullyMan’s gaze without flinching, helpfully tilting down her shades as she sensed he was trying to make eye contact. She even managed to hold it as she got another point-blank smoke ring, having excellent smoke tolerance herself due to her own sigs. That said, she was holding her breath and wishing she had her helmet and visor on. Nonetheless, the man appeared to be game for her game; she backed up and clapped her hands together, grinning broadly. “That’s what I like to hear! I’ll take you up on your generosity and get Ante something cool, too. And a bundle of ales, the Grillo Netopios, for you boys.” She eyed Suit’s nearly-full drink with raised eyebrows briefly, but turned it back into a wink and turned on her heel. “Keep your seats, and I’ll be back in a sec for some fun, okay?”

The speedy Navi sped over to the bar, where it seemed like a party had started without her. “Ante! That strapping young dog across the room is offering to spot you and me a drink! Fold, uh… looks like sake is the drink of the night over here, huh? Pour Ante and me a couple cups.” She spoke over Ante’s objections, propping her elbows on the counter and watching Fold tip around with amusement. “Once we get those, I need four ales for the smoking section… Actually, get me those first, and a tray. I’ll race Ante back here…” she said, trailing off as she realized that was probably a race limited by Fold’s ability to pour four neat mugs before Ante could return. She tapped her fingers reflexively on the bar as she turned her head to the gentlemen there, smiling. “Having a good night, boys? Ante and I are about to have a little fun! I think we all will.” She gave them another wink, then grabbed the ales that had hopefully been prepared, and hopefully on a tray.

Rushing with giddy energy, Dare would skate back to the table she’d left, dropping off the mountain of drinks and collecting any empty glasses on her tray. She also spun back by HidaMan’s table, taking any of order he might have in an apparent rush. “Stay tuned for the show, okay? I’ll be by again.”

Once again, Dare skid to a stop at the bar, where she’d hopefully meet Ante for drinks. Setting the tray of empty drinks on the table, she nodded to ChefMan, then raised her glass to Ante… Then handed her a cup of her own, if she showing any hesitation. “To Netopia!” she said, clinking the glass if Ante had it raised, then quickly downed her own. “C’mon, Ante, power through it! Don’t wanna waste good sake! We gotta get back on the floor, these people aren’t going to serve themselves! Or entertain themselves, on that note.” Rushing Ante with her own fervent energy, Dare got back to her feet and clapped her hands… then shot one more glance to the door to make sure nobody was arriving. If someone was, she'd try and nudge Ante to attend to them, hoping not to lose her momentum.

Dare would use her projecting voice to speak to the room all at once. “Gentlemen! How about a little entertainment? While continuing to offer you excellent service, the lovely Ante and I,” Dare announced, pointing to her fellow waitress at the bar, “Will also offer you a fun game I like to call ‘Dare or No Dare!’ The game works like this: we’ll take a dare, any challenge you like, from one of our fun-loving patrons! The only rule is that it can’t be anything that’ll take more than a few minutes, since we’ve gotta keep up the service as well. So in intermissions, Ante and I will take a dare. Whoever does it wins a point, and if either of us is unwilling or unable to do it, they get zero points. Whoever wins… uh… she gets something from the other, we’ll work it out later. But for now, you boys get to enjoy the blank checks we’re letting you write!”

Dare headed back over to BullyMan’s table, smiling confidently and obviously proud of the game she’d named after herself (twice). “Now, to make good on my promise, Boss, you get to give the first dare. These waitresses are taking orders! What’ll it be? You can use your imagination, can’t you…?”
Ante/Fold Section

Things seemed to be speeding up for the place, as drinks were being ordered, and downed left and right. Not only from the customers, but from the staff even. That combined with the missing articles of clothing from Ante, and Fold would probably see them let go on the spot in any other type of restaurant establishment. At Grillo Netopio thouogh, it seems all is good and well, as even the head chef, owner was encourging the fun. "What ya waiting on, lets get this next round going." He said as Fold shakily poured more drinks. Another double for the Chef, two for Ante, and one for everyone else at the bar including Dare. A quick toast from Dare, and everyone went to downing another cup. "Make sure you put one of those cups on BullyMan's bill" ChefMan8 said, not wanting to mix the charges up with anybody.

"It's all good Chef." Hurricane belched. "We go way back, I'll get this one for the lady, and he can get the next one. PUT ANY SAKE TONIGHT ON MY TAB, AND I WILL HANDLE IT. AINT THAT RIGHT PUP!" He turned his head, and projected his yell towards the corner where BullyMan, and his gang were seated.

"Oh yea!? Well if thats the case, everyone's food is on me, you drunk swordsman." BullyMan's response came loud enough for everyone to hear, but carried a level, fun tone with it. Looks like the two of them are putting on a competition of their on.

"Woah, they are at it again. Tonight is gonna be a fun night." Launcher gave out a quick chuckle.

"Well I guess that mean's you don't have to bring us our checks." An approaching Glit smiled as him and Nomu took seats at the bar. "We will have some sake on the next round also, since my man over here is being so generous with his tab." He looked at Hurricane first, then turned his attention to Ante. "I'm going to get that hug." He smiled.

"Would you leave her alone already, shes not interested." Nomu said quietly, hoping to keep the exchange between the two of them. "And not quite, we still have to pay for our ales. so we will take that check whenever you're ready. There is no rush."

Hurricane seemed to snap out of his drunken loudness, and calmly said to the newcomers, "Sure, everyone who want's sake tonight, gets sake." Then quickly addressed the princess. "Ah Ante, you're here, finally. I just wanted to let you know, you look like a real life prin...." Hurricane was cut off by Ante's only remaining table-sat customer.

"AYE CAN I ORDER SOME FOOD?" The lonesome Navi must have figured it would be a while before she would get back to him since he seen her playing at the bar.

Dare Section

As she stopped by his table, HidaMan said, "I think I'll go ahead and ordered a cup of sake now." Taking full advantage of Hurricane's generosity, "Oh and an order of the dragon also please, and thank you." He took a few gulps of his water and smiled at the waitress as she continued to adapt to the direction the evening was going.

Over at the corner table BullyMan, and his HeelNavi's were all having a good ole time as he split the four ales among the table. It even looked as if the liquor was starting to get to Suit, he was starting to loosen up and smile a little bit. A slight unease still hovered over him, but as soon as the bulldog Navi passed the ale over to him, he downed the rest of his drink and started sipping on the new one. "I like this Dare waitress yall! She knows how to have a good time. So I will go first." BullyMan exclaimed, "How about.... I dare you to give my friend Suit here a nice up close and personal dance, that shouldn't take more then a few moments am I right?"

Suit didn't really appreciate being shoved in the spotlight suddenly, and began to argue, "But Bull..."

His argument was short lived though as one of the HeelNavi's chimed in with, "Live a little mannnn. The boss is trying to get you some fun going, go grab a free chair and let's see what the missy can do." He slid out the booth, and directed Suit to go somewhere where Dare could do here thing if she obliged.

The victim if it could be looked at it that way, shuffled over to HidaMan's table with an embarrassed red face, and asked, "Can I use this chair please?"

In which HidaMan replied, "Of course man, why do you always start like this. It's time to have fun. That is the theme of this restuarunt right?"

"Yea... you're right.... but..." He trailed off, as BullyMan slid out the booth also, just to bring Suit the Ale that he had half finished and left at the table. "A little alcohol can go alongggg way."

Using the first dare for a little inspiration Glit spoke loudly so everyone could hear. “Well if that’s the case, I dare Ante to give me a dance if my own!” A few eyes turned Ante’s way to see how she would respond.
Fold, while a partier, was cursed with weak mental fortitude as it pertained to holding her liquor. As for Ante, she was not a partier (unless that meant a fancy party) nor a dancer (unless that meant a fancy dance), and, improbably, she was even worse under the influence of alcohol than her bodyguard was. Some part of being a bodyguard really ought to dictate that Fold didn't allow them to both be drunk at once, but that protocol was out the window, with both of them being drunk as a pair of skunks: Fold from an abundance of drinks, Ante from just two.

With all this being said, the first proposal of Dare or No Dare went over without complaint- "But of course, it's Dare, she's right there," Ante had complained in tipsy fashion- and furthermore, even the request to become a private dancer for a man she'd refused to hug just a minute ago didn't seem to yield any opposition from Ante. "Thank you, Sir Hurricane! A gentleman knows that all ladies like to be called princesses. You all should be as polite and gentlemanly as thiiis gentleman," she informed the crowd at large, speaking in a haughty way that was a bit different from her previous persona.

She glared across the room at Dare and wagged her finger. "Miss Dare, you're always doing things like this... We've got an important job and you turn it into a *hic* game! Do you think I like playing games? I'm a sherious lady and sherious ladies don't play games like these, with dancing! But I will because I'm a kitty waitress right now and not a prinshuss," she huffed, slurring her words more heavily than made sense for just two drinks. "Meow!" she huffed, crossing her arms and sticking her nose in the air.

Fold rapidly began to sober herself up with a sense of purpose, realizing she was going to need to be the alert one between the two. Winking to the group, she reached across the bar and placed one hand upon it, leaning to yell out. "Heeey, you, at the table! You better just give me your order. She's not going to be reliable for anything but being a goof for the rest of the night," Fold suggested in a loud voice. Hopefully it wouldn't bother everyone too much for her to yell; everyone seemed to be doing it, unless they were instead speaking in a sexy whisper, a frightened whimper, or sulky drunkenness, depending on the character.

Pursing her lips, Ante approached Gilt with a cross frown. "I can dance like a ballroom dance really good, but you don't wanna see that at all, do you? You just want a sexy dance," she pouted, approaching closer and lifting her arms above her head, to touch her rust-orange hair with her forearms and keep her bust thrust out towards the patron.

Strip Draw for Ante
Five of Clubs --> SWAP ONE! --> Eight of Clubs
Nine of Hearts --> SWAP TWO! --> Seven of Clubs
Seven of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts
Seven of Spades

Three of a kind! 30 points awarded!
Left stocking off! 25 points remain!
Blouse off! 5 points remain!
Skirt holds! 5 points remain. Bra, skirt, and right boot hold.

As if in response to her motions, the blouse Ante had been wearing for work suddenly burst into poker chips, scattering upon the floor around both their feet at a great quantity. She'd probably be charged with sweeping those up later. Her right stocking also poofed off, exposing her bare leg, though it was doubtful many would be looking there at the moment. With the blouse gone, an orange-colored bikini (a little more brown than her hair) covered the chest in a wrap-around shape, with black paw-prints dotting its plush surface. Her gray skin, slightly flushed with a more human pink, was on display, down from her midriff to the hem of her skirt. She continued thrusting her chest until it was in the man's face, then, continuing to pout, she held her hands above her head and sashayed her hips left and right in upward swipes, causing her skirt to flip this way and that. "You should keep your hands off, though, cause if you touch all over me then it is, er... a sleazy thing to do," she informed him, perhaps too late, and certainly against her own behavior, as she was already touching him pretty intimately, albeit not with her hands.

As Fold put in the order of the man who'd been left unfortunately alone at his table, with neither his girlfriend nor his waitress, she nervously tapped her fingers together, wondering whether she'd made a mistake. Getting Ante to lighten up was something she considered a duty, especially while tipsy, but she had to admit she may have let things spiral out of control a little too quickly. Furthermore, from what she knew of Dare, it was unlikely the other girl would put the brakes on it. Was there a chance ChefMan would? She wasn't so sure about that either. If things got too dicey, she might have to jump in and be a moodkiller... or worse, jump in between Bruce and Teruko's fun and be a moodkiller there, to jack Ante out. Of course, if Ante had been awake enough to think about it, she'd probably asked to be jacked out right here.

Strip Draw for Fold
Seven of Diamonds --> SWAP ONE! --> Queen of Spades
Nine of Spades
Seven of Spades
Six of Spades
Four of Spades

80 points awarded!
Skirt off! 60 points remain.
Right shoe off! 55 points remain.
Panties off! 5 points remain.
Left shoe off! 0 points remain. Blouse, thong, right stocking, and left stocking hold.

While it might seem like something of an afterthought, Fold wasn't spared from the clutches of the glitch either. From a distance, it would be imperceptible, because her lower half was hidden behind the counter, but much of her lower clothing suddenly fell into poker chips, starting with her skirt, then her shoes, and then even the black-and-white, paw-print panties she'd been wearing beneath the skirt. When it was done, all that was left on her lower body were the tall stockings and thong underwear, consisting of a black paw-print shape with pink pads upon the "fingers" and a simple black, string-tied sides and back, covering very little of her toned but shapely buttocks.

Fold was a woman of the world, but being so exposed still registered shock on her face for a moment. She stuck close to the counter and smiled at the others, hoping none of them would lean over and realize what had happened. Hiding it like that in plain sight was making her feel a little like a pervert herself... At any rate, she found herself watching Dare, hoping that at least she'd have the good fortune that their good-looking partner was also willing to put skin in the game.

"Oh, right, er... the check. ChefMan, sir, do your customers receive printed checks or is there some sort of payment system?" Fold asked; if he was still behind the counter with her, he might notice now that she had lost her pants somewhere.
Dare was happy to put her guard down for Suit’s table. As her previously shady-looking patron was now paying for people’s food and offering other people her dances, she had to assume he was here to have a good time after all. That was appreciated, because now that her competition was officially on, she was ready to put her focus on it. She grinned at Ante from across the room as the other waitress chided her. As Ante finished, though, even Dare had to join Fold in internally apologizing: it was clear Ante had already sailed past her limit from the couple she’d gotten. ”Just don’t barf on anyone,” she thought to herself with a tighter grin.

The Navi wasn’t put off by the request she’d been given. Of course, this kind of dare was exactly what she’d expected when she’d posed the contest. Quickly, she realized the patrons weren’t approaching the rules exactly as she’d intended them: technically, both she and Ante would need to give both Suit and Glit a dance in order to fulfill the terms she’d posed. However, everyone seemed to be rolling with it, so if there weren’t any complaints, she wasn’t going to interrupt it. ”I’m just going to do whatever dare I get, anyway,” she thought to herself, equipping her usual smirk as Suit was ushered off to an empty chair by his drinking buddies.

When he’d gotten his chair, Dare grabbed for his hand to guide him over to an empty spot on the floor. When he’d set it down, she put a hand on his shoulder and applied a little pressure to indicate he ought to have a seat. If he did so, she’d give him a little pat on the shoulder as she passed around to the front. “I knew we were gonna be good buddies the moment I laid eyes on you! I told you earlier I was the type who doesn’t like sitting, right?”

The Navi laughed and placed her left hand on his right shoulder if allowed, so that both were occupied as she faced him. “Thing is, I just don’t like sitting still…~ she told the customer, dropping her voice to a seductive coo. At this point, if he’d let her do what she wanted, there would no longer be easy escape as she wrapped her arms behind the back of his neck while moving to sit on his lap, carefully shifting onto him so the tail wouldn’t get caught underneath. “I’m fine as long as I get to move,” she added, grinning as if she thought it was funny herself. From this position, she began shifting her body with rhythm to grind her bottom against him.

After rubbing him for a bit and beginning to redden a bit herself, Dare drew her head back to face him. “How about this costume, huh? The tail is super soft. Watch the tailpipes,” she warned him briskly. Rising, she paused on one heel, turned around (minding the exhaust pipes on her feet so they wouldn’t smack her patron) and faced away from him with her nearly bare legs together. Running her hands down her legs, she bent her knees as she swayed her bottom slightly, thrusting it closer to him as she dipped. “While you’re checking that out, don’t forget how much we appreciate your tips… You could tip at the end on your check, of course, but any waitress would be extra-appreciative of a tip you give right to her in advance, you know?”

During her performance, Dare scanned around the room with her eyes, seeing if anyone looked ready to flag her down. It was at about that time she noticed Ante had already gotten around to an extra service for her target, having lost her top. Normally, in spite of past experience, Dare would still trick herself into thinking this was something Ante was doing intentionally to try and win the tip race. Now, however, it was hard to deny it was anything but the drink. Still, results were results, and even though all the contest didn’t challenge them to one-up each other in their dances, the tips mattered to her.

There wasn’t any reason to force things along faster than they had to go. As she thought about it, Ante had already given away part of the show for free, so there wasn’t any guarantee she’d get a tip for it. Why not save some ammo as a show of appreciation for an especially generous tip?

In any case, she was definitely pushing her “few minutes” she’d imposed on herself as a limit. “You about finished back there? I’ve got to check around for orders, but keep in mind you don’t have to be as generous as him when your turn for another go comes again…” She’d give him a wink and straighten back up, although she’d have to think of something else nice for him depending on what he’d done for her.

And, of course, there was the possibility he wouldn’t be so generous as to let this start at all. Her routine of approaching it with friendly, familiar gestures before laying on the charm was an attempt to head that off, but if he really wouldn’t let her, she’d be out of luck. She’d have to move straight to the back half of her routine, and doing that while he was standing would surely be less effective. ”But still, pretty good,” she would reassure herself in that case.
The dancing continued, the night carried on. Not many more customers showed up, but it was a night to remember. ChefMan continued to drink, getting drunker and drunker. He ended up giving all the customers, and staff free food and drink. What a night, a night that started out as work, but turned into a party.

It was getting late, and the day was coming to a close. Most of the customers were drunk and ready to jack out. ChefMan came stumbling over to Ante, Fold, and Dare. "Hicupp... hi...cup. Ah you ladiesssss did ahhhh wonderful job today. Tha....nks for... hicupppp.... doing such a... hicupp... fine job. Stay as long as you want, but as of now we are closed, and I'm ready to take a nap... hicup, but... before I... hicuppp... do, heres your payment and tips." ChefMan handed each of the mission takers a sack of goodies.

Ante Gets: 25 Dare FXP + 12000z + 100 Bugfrags.
Dare Gets: 25 Ante FXP + 6000z + HeatSpreader1Damage: 30 + Spread 8
Accuracy: A
Description: Shoots a fireball that explodes on impact to hit nearby enemies.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: D
+ Burner1Damage: 110 + Nova 2
Accuracy: B
Description: The area around the user spontaneously combusts, causing anything nearby to be scorched with fire.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: D
+ 100 Bugfrags.
One might assume the average navi is not programmed to get drunk and experience headaches. Ante, for whatever reason, was, and by the time the early morning came, she had the kind of hangover that implied she'd drunk a boatload, passed out, and slept a bit before being woken by her employer. Oddly, that behavior didn't seem to reflect poorly on her at all, and she was paid quite handsomely for her work. She found herself wondering why Teruko hadn't woken her, at the very least. It seemed that Teruko herself must be very busy, to go this long without checking her.

"Ah, thank you so much... ChefSir... SirChef... ChefMan," she responded with clumsy gratitude, tripping over her own words. Her head was ringing hard enough to drown out whatever that strange voice last night had been. "I get the feeling that I was not... a particularly proud waitress in this time. As such, I am appreciative of your patience," the princess/waitress continued with a slight curtsy, only to realize that the curtsy had left her dangerously close to exposing herself. At some point, she'd changed into her kitty apron with no back; only her arms crossed in front of her breasts were protecting her dignity. She looked around frantically, noticing Dare still out, as well as Fold, who'd passed out at the bar. "U-U-U... Uuuuu!" she cried, almost literally, biting her teeth in chagrin at her situation and pressing her hands to her breasts sheepishly.

"This sort of lavishness is not as foreign as you might-" the voice inside her head spoke up again, only to be silenced by furious pounding.

"No! Negative," she spoke out loudly, shaking her head to drown out the voice with more drunken throbbing. "Thank you again, ChefMan, but I really must go," she finished, backing away slowly to avoid turning and revealing her bottom. "Teruko.... TERUKO!" she bellowed, loud enough to wake Dare by this point, who would be given quite a view of the princess' bare, gray bottom if she looked up.

The operator on the other side laughed a hasty apology, followed by what sounded like a messy spittake, before jacking her navi and SP out of the net.

((Jacking out))
Sprawled out in a heap on the floor, Dare woke up from a rough sleep with a loud snort. She winced, noting a hot feeling in her throat, and very slowly opened her eyes. Rolling them upward, she got a glimpse of… what seemed to be Ante’s bare butt. This was enough for Dare to assume she was having an odd dream, so she slowly shut her eyes again. Finally, however, she realized Ante was calling her operator’s name and leaving the Net. “Mrmm… ugh, I need water. Fold? Fold gimme some water. Uuugh,” she continued, rolling over so she was face down.

This presented quite a free show, as Dare had lost her shorts at some point during the night. From the front it had mostly been hidden by her tip purse, but face down, nearly her entire shapely bottom was revealed by the tiger-furred thong she’d ended up in. The cool air on her exposed body finally got to her, and she opened her eyes. “Hoooly crap, I’m a mess,” she grumbled, shifting to a sitting position. She realized that with the rewards she’d been left and the mission done, everyone from the previous night had cleared out. If Ante and Fold had looked or felt like she did, she couldn’t blame them for heading out.

A sudden shock hit Dare as she put a hand to her mouth, feeling like she would barf. “Oh man! Did I…?” The Navi struggled to recall the events of the day. “Did Ante and I…? I remember we got really drunk… then we danced for some guys… then we got more drunk… At some point, I was super drunk and I decided what I was going to make Ante do if I beat her in tips… and then… then… Aaargh! Did I beat her or not? How many-“ she started, before realizing there wasn’t going to be an easy answer. Assuming Ante had even kept her tips, Dare had unthinkingly thrown her entire mission earnings in with the miscellaneous tips she’d collected that night. Now everything was mixed together… “Bruce! BRUCE!” she shouted, an unintentional imitation of Ante a moment ago! “Bruce, you gotta ask Teruko to ask Ante how much she made in tips! Or did you record anything? Or…” She paused, coughing roughly and losing her steam. “Uh, actually just get me outta here,” she muttered, disappearing a motorcycle roar and peel of flames that probably didn’t match her current image.

((Jacking out))