Inside the shop

As the sliding door to the Navi Shop opened to admit another potential bundle of disposable income—that is to say, customer—Suitachi glanced up from a news feed he was watching behind the counter. The display that greeted him caused a raised eyebrow.

"Enthusiasm's great, young man, but this is a strictly In-Character shop." He flicked his eyes from Shane to the small sign below the counter that stated as much in small print. Had that sign been there a moment ago?

"I'm going to need you to behave properly if you want to get yourself served at all, alright?" continued Suitachi, looking increasingly annoyed as he narrowed his eyes. "In the first place, you don't look like you've got any money on hand."

((Frelia edit: More seriously, please RP properly from onwards when making purchases. If you'd like to purchase with Nightshade instead, there's the Navi Net-Shop to go to. Take care of your stats in your sig properly too, since it doesn't show that you have nearly enough at all. Took like a solid hour to back-audit you to check the actual total—you're 20 zenny off even considering the last 6000z.))
Spoiler +180z May 4th 2018 +180z May 5th 2018 +150z May 11th 2018 +1200z May 18th 2018 +970z May 28th 2018 +4550z May 31st 2018 -7100z May 31st 2018 +1125z July 9th 2018 -500z Aug 3rd 2018 +640z Nov 7th 2018 -1250z Nov 10th 2018 +6000z Apr 8th 2019
Final total: 6145z
When Mei got out of a small black car, the driver was notably stunned, as though she'd been smacked without warning. Unfazed by her driver's distress, she started to walk over to the Navi shop. "I told her it was a doozy."

"It was, but you probably could've left a few of the details out. Like what the other girls did to that machine. Or the part where I almost had to...well, you know..."

"Doozies don't hold back, Skye." The young woman opened the door, slightly relieved it was still open. "So, you need higher NaviCust capacity, right?"

"Yes. I did the pricing math on the way over. I'll need 4."

"Uh-huh." She walked over to the counter, and rested her arms on it. If Suitachi was paying attention, he'd see that she was also taking the chance to rest her breasts on it, as well. "Hey. I'll need 5 NaviCust expansions."

"Um, I said I only needed 4..."

"Call it a bonus. You did your part too, you know."

[Order of Purchase:
1-NaviCust Expansion #1 - 1000z
2-NaviCust Expansion #2 - 1250z
3-NaviCust Expansion #3 - 1500z
4-NaviCust Expansion #4 - 1750z
5-NaviCust Expansion #5 - 2000z
Total - 7500z
Cash on Hand - 7940z
Remaining Cash - 440z]
As Mei arrived, the shopkeeper looked up for a moment and offered a small smile and a wave from where he was moving a small stack of boxes from one shelf to a seemingly identical shelf about a foot away.

"With you in a moment!" It took a few more moments for Suitahi to complete the inscrutable product shifting, but eventually he stood upright and knuckled his back briefly, then came over. "What can I get you?" He nodded as she place her order, and ducked away into the back for a few moment,s returning with the requested upgrades.

"Quite sizable..." he cleared his throat briefly. "...upgrade space there. Sounds like someone's navi is looking forward to some new capabilities!" He hurriedly placed the purchases in a small bag and collected Mei's payment.

"Thanks for your purchase, do come again!"


Mei Get: NC Expansions 1-5
Mei Lose: 7500z
"Oh, yes she is. If you're quiet, you can probably hear the squeeing." Mei went silent for a moment, and one could, in fact, hear a scream of delight for a moment, before abruptly stopping, followed by a throat clearing. "Yup."

"But, I'd better not keep my ride waiting. Bye!" With that, she grabbed her stuff, and started to walk out.

Walking into the shop, seeing her money come in from Jazz's bounty hunting, she would put her bank card down on the counter. Might I please get two HP upgrades and two Processor upgrades? I believe he needs number 4 and 5 for HP and 11 and 12 for Processor, so that comes to...6050 zenny,

(Buying: HP Upgrades 4 and 5 and Processor upgrades 11 and 12
HP 4: 1750
HP 5: 2000
PU 11: 1100
PU 12: 1200
Total: 6050
current zenny: 6832
Ending zenny: 782)
From his seat behind the counter, Suitachi raised his eyebrows at the customer coming in, having been interrupted from reading through a small book in his hand. "Alright, just a moment," he said, tucking in a finger into his book to serve as a temporary bookmark, while retrieving the items Stephine had requested with his other free hand. Her bank card was swiped across his scanner, and it beeped in the affirmative.

"6050 zenny in total. Thanks for coming, have a nice day," he said, nodding slightly before retaking his seat and resuming his reading.

Stephine GET: HP Memory x2, Process Upgrade x2
Stephine LOSE: 6050z
She bowed to him in thanks, picking up her stuff and walking off with her upgrades for Jazz
Destin Obscura strolled into the Navi Shop on his way to the nearby coffee shop. "Good morning. I have come into some extra cash lately and I have a list of items I require please," he said before placing a detailed list and a credit chit on the counter top.

Current Zenny: 52,660z

PowerUP v9: 9,000z
PowerUP v10: 10,000z
PowerUP v11: 11,000z
PowerUP v12: 12,000z
Total: 9,000+10,000+11,000+12,000=42,000z

Process Upgrade v51: 5,100z
Process Upgrade v52: 5,200z
Total: 5,100+5,200=10,300z

Total Zenny Spent: 52,300z
Ending Zenny: 52,660z --> 360z
Swiping the credit chit through his machine and ringing Destin up for his purchases, Suitachi would turn around and pick up the requested upgrades off his back shelf, bagged them up and slid them over to the netop. "Enjoy your maxed out buster, sir." He spoke simply before getting back to other work.

Destin/Dragonierman get: Power Ups 9-12
Destin/Dragonierman lose: 52.3k zenny
"Thank you have a good day!" Destin says as he takes the items and leaves.
Walking through the shop's doors in a hurry, Joseph would smile at Suitachi. Excuse me, can I please get...HP upgrades 3 and 4 for my navi, as well as the Millions Navi Customization Part and the Glitch Shot buster upgrade, please. That should...completely wipe out what I got.

HPU 3: 1500z
HPU 4: 1750z
Millions NCP: 2500z
Glitch Shot: 1000z

Total: 6750z
On hand: 6785z
After: 135z
Before he could pick up his book again, more irksome customers showed up to bother Suitachi with their yearning to give him their money. Oh well. The shopkeeper stood back to the counter and returned Joseph's smile with a polite nod and began gathering the varied order. A few moments later the small collection of packets were stacked into a neat pile and slipped across the counter while Suitachi handled the transaction.

"There you go. Enjoy your upgrades, and do come again."

Joseph Lose: 6750z
Joseph Get: Hp Mem v3, v4, Millions NCP, Glitch Shot
Joseph picked up his stuff from his transaction with a smile and nodded. "Thank you, Suitachi. Enjloy your book." He spoke simply before heading off
Cantering through the streets in a frenzy of cane and overlong legs, frantically dashing red penmarks through a holographic essay held right before his nose, a few clicks from his usual train station and getting farther - it was clear to all onlookers that Vincent Miles was having a Day.

Such a Day it was, Vincent didn't notice the awning behind his holoscreen until he'd nearly put his face clean through it. After detangling himself, he stepped back to squint through the window. "Suitachi's...Navi Shop?" he read, brow furrowing as he attempted to parse this. A shop for Navis? A shop of Navis? At any rate, it was distracting enough to be worth investigating.

One close call with a light fixture later, he'd managed to fold himself into the little shop. Bent at the waist and looming impressively over the stock binder, it began to dawn on Vincent that these were, could be upgrades for Dignity. He paged further, further, further, eyes lighting up as he read and read and...found the price lists.

He stopped reading pretty quickly after that.

Scrounging his pockets only turned up the meanest pocket change, barely enough for the absolute cheapest thing in the store. It was better than nothing, though, so Vincent mustered whatever dignity he'd managed to drag in with him and pointed to the open page. "One of these, please," he muttered sheepishly, and slid the tiny datachip over the counter.

<(Buying: LVL 1 Process Upgrade)>
<(Total: 100z)>
Suitachi glanced up as the bell jingled in a way that was not quite the usual sound, in time to witness the exceptionally tall, unstable-looking Vincent work his way into the shop and start perusing the options. The excited gleam of a new customer whose eyes outreached his pockets was not a new thing to the merchant, but short of window shoppers - horrid things - this one was perhaps one of the sharpest come-down's he'd witnessed in a while.

By the time Vincent finished searching his funds and approached the counter with the sales catalogue, Suitachi has donned a reassuring smile for the poor fellow.

"First time buying upgrades for your navi? Don't worry, everyone has to start somewhere! That's just the right amount for your first process upgrade!" He nodded in encouragement and made the transaction with a practiced hand. "There you go. hope your navi enjoys the little boost; they'll be after you for more in no time at all. Come back to Suitachi's when you're ready for more upgrading!" He gave Vincent a further wave of encouragement, and didn't voice the sentiment that he should probably comeback with more money next time. A new customer was still a new customer after all.

Vincent GET: PU v1
Vincent LOSE: 100z
Firmware already slotted in and loading itself into Dignity's systems, Vincent let the merchant rub his ego's metaphorical shoulders, murmuring a word of thanks. He made it to the door without further incident, only to stop dead upon reading the street signage. "How on earth did I wind up all the way out HERE?!" the man squawked, and reassured his earlier flail without missing a beat. It was, after all, one of those Days.

<(To Electown)>
((From -> Mikhail's Home))

Rather than carry the bulking speaker order around with him, Mikhail opted to stop by the navi shop first, and was humming the tune of his troupe's current piece to himself as he made his way in through the navi shop doors. He moved to the catalogue, while Pirouette appeared as her smaller hologram on the edge of the display, looking at her options. The ballet instructor gave a polite greeting to Suitachi as he arrived, but it was still a minute or two before the pair had finally worked out what Pirouette was putting the greatest priority on. Eventually Mikhail stepped across to the counter.

“Good morning. A few more upgrades this time than last, I believe. Let me see... We would like Customiser Expansions, versions five through ten, please, and also process upgrades, versions nine, ten and eleven.” He produced his card and held it across the counter as he spoke.


NC Expansion V5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10: (2000+2250+2500+2750+3000+3250 = 15750z)
Process Upgrade V9, 10 and 11: (900+1000+1100 = 3000z)

Total: 18750z
Funds Remaining: 160z
Turning his head to Mikhail and giving him a nod, the shop owner would quickly grab the items he requested, bagged them up with a neat little red bow on the front and proceeded to swipe the card, the balance quickly brought up and subtracted from the purchase. "Thank you for your business and have a happy holiday." Suitachi would speak simply, handing back the card.

Mikhail Get: NC Expansions 5-10, Process upgrades 9-11
Mikhail Lose: 18,750z
Mikhail accepted the cutely wrapped collection and nodded as he slipped his card away again.
"My thanks, and a joyous season to you also." With another congenial smile, he turned to leave the store. Pirouette had already started chatting to him before the door opened and closed.

"Oh! You should visit the coffee shop here, yes? They are doing their seasonal mint drink again! You can install all of the upgrades, and I can request more work while you do! Do say we can enjoy the atmosphere a little, before we return, Mikhail!" A soft chuckle answered her enthusiasm as they departed.

((Returning (eventually) to -> Mikhail's Home))
((Pirouette, Branch to -> Her Next Mission))
((Jenny, from -> Her Home))

The door to the navi shop opened to admit the fairly nondescript teenage form of Jenny, with the clear energy of someone who had jogged to the store front, then had to stop and wait for the sliding door to open properly.

“Yeah, I know, it'll only take a minute! I just figure, if you're going to stick it out for a while, I can get you a little more ready, right?” she was talking halfway towards her PET, while she quickly scanned the product list and checked her own navi's details a second time. After only a few moments she came to the counter, offering a quick rainbow-braced smile.

“Hey there! Can I get an NC expansion, a First Barrier Part, and process upgrade. Ah, the NC expansion should be, um, version five, and the process one is number ten, I think.” She produced her card and handed it across as she spoke.


NC Expansions V5: 2000z
First Barrier NCP: 2500z
Process Upgrade V10: 1000z
Total: 5500z
Funds Remaining: 960 z