Real World / Non-Combat FXP Tallying

Ante and Dare get 18 mutual FXP for 'Coach' and 'Becky''s awkward role-play shenanigans. (Working on the other one now)
And Divina and Kabuki get 16 mutual FXP for casual priestess nudity and excessive nosebleeds.
Putting in a tally request for awkward teenage interactions at Eyecandy Central:
Putting in a second RW FXP request for the Manly Ballet Instructor, The Priestess, and the Reluctant Thespian:

Temple of Divina

From Beginning, until Here
Ura High School

From start to end.
Formal request for an FXP tally for Rogan and Harke, from their bar thread. Asked a little while ago, but folks have been busy, so just putting this here as a note so we don't forget.
Wherein Vincent gets loaded and snuggles a batboy

(Note from Sage: starts at post #2. Due to the migration a couple posts got doubled up, apologies for the mess)
White Tower
Posts 5-49 are between Nightshade.EXE and DragonierMan.EXE for evaluation.
The Wanderlust II with Lyntael and DragonierMan
Posts 34-78 are between Lyntael.EXE and DragonierMan.EXE for evaluation.