((The greeting message at the head of this email registration page is accompanied by a grinning portrait image of a slight creature with coal black skin and dancing sapphire eyes. Behind her, a neat set of red, demonic wings give further contrast to the smooth, straight white hair that reaches down only to about her shoulders. Matching the wings, the demon lady also sports a cute set of red, curving horns that peek out and curl back around her head. Her grin shows sharp fangs, and though the image isn't animated, every so often, whenever viewers aren't quite looking at it, her eyes shift, or she winks, or licks her lips.))

Greetings to all the ghosts and ghouls, fiends and freaks, demons, monsters and macabre creations! This is the registration collection point for this year's Chips and Candy chip trader drive, sponsored by Soryu's Chip Shop!

The game is simple; just sign up below with your contact details, donate a chip that you want to pass on and leave a short message if you want – This year, why not tell us of a ghoulish trick or sneaky prank you've played on someone else, all in the spirit of the season, of course!

Your chip will be met with a matched donation, and will go to help one of the many worthy causes registered with us this year; if you wish, you can specify which charity cause* you want your donation to support, or just leave it as a general donation to all our supported charities!

You'll get an email in response, containing your own return treat for you to keep and use! What's more, we can guarantee that the quality of the treat you get in return will be of, at minimum, equal grade to your donation, and it may even be better!

This event wouldn't be possible without the support and sponsorship of Soryu's Chip Shop, so make sure to add Soryu to your trick-or-treating list!

*only participating charities are valid, see 'about' page for details of participating charities.

((Normal trader event rules apply, one entry per navi/op pair, shelved pairs allowed as well. Chips cannot downgrade but may improve. Just post in this thread with your email and your donation, and receive your new chip by return email. Entries will close on or shortly after the 1st of November, so don't delay!))
To: Chips & Candy
From: Rogan ([ExceptionError:OriginCannotBeNull])
Subject: Chip Trade Event

The peddler keeps searching, it seems. Well, I don't know about trick-or-treating, but I'm fairly sure it counts as a trick to be drinking with a business associate, but having only water while they have vodka, and think you are too, no?


Attch: AirHockey1Damage: 50 + Break + Ground Attack + Rebound(4)
Accuracy: B
Description: Throws a hockey puck at the enemy. The puck will bounce off of anything it hits (objects, viruses, Navis, etc.) in the field, dealing damage to them, up to 5 times. The attack stops immediately if it encounters a broken or missing panel, or the initial attack misses.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Rebound(4): This effect allows an attack to ricochet around the field. It will attempt to bounce off of enemies or objects until it has attacked four additional times, with the damage of the chip reducing by 10 for each attempted attack. Each attack against a given target lowers the chip's accuracy by 2 ranks against that target.
Trader Rank: D
To: Chips & Candy
From: Destin Obscura D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
Subject: Chip Trade Event
Message: My trick was to be mistaken for an employee and mess with customers.
Attached Chip: BigCloudDamage: 110 + Wide Attack + Drop Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Cloud moves up and down three enemies, raining on them for two turns. Enemies can move out from under it if possible.
Duration: Two turns
Element: Aqua
Special: Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.
Trader Rank: B
To: Chips & Candy
From: M. Patrovski (
Subject: Chip Trade Event

It's been a while since we've been in the spooky holiday spirit, but there was one fun little prank that stands out from a while back. Vector was new to the team and understandably unfamiliar with the festivities. Aera was still fairly new to the team as well, but she was really quick in the uptake and her excitement for nearly everything had her eager to dive into the holiday spirit with both feet.

So one day, after talking with Mach, they came up with the idea of pulling a prank on Vector. While he was "hibernating," they applied a temporary decal layer to his frame, and a mirror program placed directly in front of him. It took them a little while, but once he woke back up, he was greeted with the sight of him decked out in a new skeleton paint job! It looked pretty spooky because of his already skeletal-esque form, and the bone white contrasted well with his dark blue color scheme and his single glowing red eye.

Vector's pretty stoic, but he almost immediately whipped out a blade and was ready to attack his reflection! Thankfully nothing got diced and he seemed to grow a fondness for his new look, so we had a good laugh while introducing him to the holiday. Good times...

Attached chip: CrossGunDamage: 140 + Spread 4
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates enemies to hit up to four enemies diagonally from it, as if forming a X shape.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: A