The Guesses' Homepage

The homepage that Asymptote had been directed to was proof positive of how lucrative the Guess' sisters careers must have been up to this point. The homepage's sole building was a two-story home, designed to look like a beach-house on a secluded island. Thankfully, right now, it was set for darkness. An emblem of a question mark, rotating first to show the number 1, then 2, floated by in the sky in a repeating pattern, though it cast no light, making the area very dark. The inside on the first floor, however, was well-lit. Furthermore, it was almost all serrated glass walls on the first floor, allowing a good look inside, a bit ironic considering the clandestine nature of the work of the two girls. The inside looked lavish, but not particularly surprising for a beach house: there was a fireplace with a big sofa around it and a TV on the wall near the front door, a wooden wall partitioning the front from the back, a kitchen and dining table behind that, and a walled off back area that might be for some kind of storage. They might even be the kind of navis who chose to have a lavatory, even though navis didn't use it, if they were willing to hobby of cooking and eating.

The second floor was much more secluded. Walled off with half-black, half-white, wood-paneled walls, it looked like it would probably hold at least two bedrooms, but it was unclear what else.

Right now, it looked like one figure in an odd, black shroud, very unfitting for the rest of the decor, was currently curled up on the couch. Another, this one in white, was standing near that potential storage room in the back, oddly straight-backed as if they were standing guard at the door. Their house looked so neat and orderly, it was a little weird to think they were on such poor terms with one another that FirstGuess wouldn't mind the death of SecondGuess. Perhaps a lifetime of playing two sides had left them not truly caring about anyone's life but their own?

Finally, and most alarming, another figure could be seen nearby the house. Walking through the darkness towards the building was Spartoi, dressed in her signature black armor, which fit her well but a little skimpy, showing off her small but attractive frame. Additionally, she appeared to be carrying a briefcase in one hand. It looked a good bit like the one that had housed the destructive weapon DesignMan had carried in the previous mission. Was she intending to try to end the mission in record time? Either way, if she got much closer, her approach would surely be evident: she was headed towards the front door to the house, which was, itself, transparent glass. All SecondGuess would have to do was look up in order to see her. At the very least, FirstGuess couldn't, since the wooden wall would be blocking her sight.

It would behoove Asymptote to remember that he could send a private message to Spartoi, rather than speaking to her directly. But if he was really worried, he might want to find some way to physically stop her approach... Or the killswitch might even come to mind. This could already count as the kind of suspicious behavior he was supposed to look out for.
Asymptote would slowly make his way into the area he was supposed to be in...really dark place at the very least, so at the least he would be harder to detect. Asymptote had decided to make his steps...a lot less noisy at the very least. His eyes making their way to the...extremely open glass house in front of him. He was completely unsure how to go about -this- of all things, but at least he could keep an eye on the sisters. Looked like First was napping on the couch in front of a TV and fireplace...and that meant Second was in front of that storage room, doing god knows what. Then his eyes began to trail down towards the black figure by the house...that was Spartoi alright, he couldn't forget that figure...but that briefcase she was holding onto...what the hell was she doing?!

Moving back a bit to keep half-way hidden, Asymptote continued to keep an eye on everything...before he began to open up his PM systems to Spartoi.

Asymptote.EXE to Spartoi.EXE Private Message
>Spartoi, come in Spartoi. This is Asymptote.exe, you remember me, right? PantheonMan sent me to provide some backup in case something goes wrong in your mission, this is for my own admittance into the Bloodhounds as well. Requesting an explanation on what you're planning on doing, I'm not too far out from the house myself, and I see that briefcase in your hand. I'll say now, I can request a Jack-out barrier if the need arises, but I'd like to avoid having to do that if at all possible, if nothing else than to avoid raising suspicions between the sisters in there.
Asymptote composed a message while staying concealed in the shadows. Spartoi slowed her walk slightly in order to speak with him; her armored tail dragged in the sand, snaking back and forth in view.

Quote (Spartoi)

Hello, Moron. Or would you prefer Assy? One of those two.

We Spartoi received the briefing from PantheonMan already. We deduced the fastest way to get this done will be for me to pretend we're also jumping ship from the Mafia and want to go with her. We'll give her a sob story about how the Mafia has been abusing and trashing us Spartoi since our early production days and we fear for our lives. Then, when we spot a moment's weakness, we will attack and consume.

In our briefcase, we have a peace offering, several of DesignMan's weapons we've managed to reverse engineer. There is no deletion virus like DesignMan stole. Practically, they're more like curiosities.

Would you like to join us Spartoi and enter together? If so, hurry up. I can tell them you're not affiliated with the Mafia. They won't know you, since you aren't officially part or the Mafia yet.

Oh and despite the briefing... let's be suspicious of both sisters. For starters, it is truly difficult to believe that someone could be in a position to inform us of the betrayal, yet suspect the sister would have no particular feelings about it. This makes me suspect that the sister is the one who reported it and that she is in on it. With any luck, the sister has a grudge that will make her an uninvolved bystander in the assassination and she simply didn't reveal her identity so that we would leave her out of it. However, it could just as easily be we are being drawn into a trap, meant to give them a leg up on the Mafia and secure their escape. I'll eat them both if I have to.

It was hard to tell it this was actually a decent plan or if Spartoi's personality, like DesignMan she'd absorbed, thought it was better at the calculus of the double cross than it really was. After all, she hadn't explained any way she planned to explain how she knew to seek the deserter out. Whatever the case, Asymptote would have to either agree and join in or immediately stop her approach. Spartoi was nearly in the range where you would consider the Guess sister on the couch would see her through the glass, unless that sister was actually asleep like her still body suggested.
Reading over the PM he had been sent, Asymptote had a quick thought about it, Joseph reading over them in his PET as quick as he could in turn. Think you can trust her, Asymptote? Joseph typed up for Asymptote. Unsure, but I'll keep an eye on her either way. Asymptote responded immediately after as he sent the PM back to Spartoi.

Quote (Asymptote to Spartoi)

Sounds as good as any plan, Spartoi. I'll come along to help sell the story, say I'm hired muscle for protection and keep it at that. Also Assy or Asymptote is fine. I'll be there in a minute and I'll trust your judgement on this, both sisters might be in cahoots with one another despite their differences. Let's try to not absorb or delete FirstGuess before then, hopefully if we have to pop the Jack-out barrier on them, she won't try to do anything incredibly stupid. SecondGuess' absorption is priority here. I do see her at the back of the house near a potential storage room, but for all we know, they could have swapped colors with GMOs or something.
You do have a plan to seek out SecondGuess in case she decides to change her appearance or something, correct? I'm trusting you on this.
Asymptote sent the PM as he began to make his way over the sand, leaving deep rivets of his prints in the sand as he began to quickly trudge up towards the house. As he did, he would shoot off a PM towards PantheonMan, hoping it would get to him from where he was at.

Quote (Asymptote to PantheonMan)

Testing, Testing. PantheonMan, this is Asymptote here. I've made contact with Spartoi. She has a plan to get in, acting as though she's trying to escape from the Mafia, give them a sob story and offer up some of DesignMan's weapons you guys reverse engineered. Nothing majorly dangerous like the Deletion Gun, mind you, she assured me they're more or less curiosities, but I'll be entering the sisters house together with her, hopefully we won't have to pop the Jack-Out Barrier, but I'll ready myself for anything that happens regardless. I believe keeping close to her is a better choice if she tries anything than acting as a watchdog from outside looking in is a better choice, in case she tries anything.

Asymptote had finished off sending the PM in hopes that PantheonMan would get it, but he wasn't sure how far these would go, so he would soon find himself stomping up towards the sisters house, likely next to Spartoi, as light began to cast itself upon his body, rusted and bloody bolts on his neck beginning to show off from the shadows and his freshly grown generator pulsating gently between the metal and flesh, as a pair of cables stretched down across his side and wrapped around his waist like a half-belt as he gave a subtle nod to Spartoi.