A good day, a nice breeze and a temperature that was cold but not freezing, Ava had a nice leisurely break at a local cafe, sipping away at a black coffee in her hands, the CEO keeping herself half-way composed for the moment as a particularly harsh wind blew into her face, ruffling her hair to do so. Mmmmm. Delicious. Always nice to be able to come here. Favorite place of mine. She mused to herself, taking another sip of her coffee until the entire cup was gone. Mmmm. So...find that "bounty" place for me? She asked to nobody, a deep...but quiet masculine voice coming from her side. It was...there. Exactly where I was told. the voice spoke, slowly and calculatedly. Got a bounty. It's in this area's network. Called FirePhoenix, gives a wideshot-esque chip. Net's...changed in the last seven years... The voice continued, not sure how to go forward on this. Sounds like as good a place as any. Please go out and eliminate some viruses for me. I'll keep an eye on you, send chips, that kinda deal. Got such a good deal on getting that dumb girl out of her debt~ The woman spoke, before ordering another coffee, pulling out an extremely bulky PET from her side, the holster custom made for such a thing. Yes...master. The voice spoke again before departing to the networks nearby without another word.